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Calm dog shampoo

Am using this product on both my portuguese water dogs. Product smells great, lathers well and their coats are looking great

Been using this product for 2 years. It is the only product I've ever used on my dogs teeth that I can trust to be chemical and additive free. So glad to have found this company!

Super pleased

4 Legger dog shampoo is great and the foam bottle is a must. Both my dogs breakout in a rash after baths using over the counter products and this is the first shampoo I have found, nonchemical based, that prevents this from happening. Use the product just as directed and you will get the most out of it. I also appreciated the humor in the directions! Super product! Goose and Fiona say, "Thank you!"

Smells so good!

My dog has smelled good for days. Really like this product.

So far I’m impressed...

I have used the Soothe along with the Apple Cider Vinegar conditioner. Zoey is a Lhasapoo that has suffered from allergies and really dry skin for most of her life. After two baths her skin has improved significantly. I am excited to see how her skin continues to improve. Hopefully we will have a dog without flaky skin. I have suggested this to my mother in law who grooms dogs and grooms Zoey as she has seen the change in her skin. I highly suggest both the soothe shampoo and apple cider vinegar conditioner.

Another great organic product

The lavender spray smells amazing and is a perfect complement to the shampoo.


Purchased this product to freshen up my dogs bed, and help deter pests. The product truly smells like lemongrass which is uplifting and fresh. I found this to be a high quality and safe product.

Treat your dog - and yourself - and buy it now!

I used the foam dispenser bottle and the rich lather was perfect. My greyhounds enjoyed (well, at least tolerated) the massage I gave them, and then the shampoo was easily rinsed away. In 10 minutes my short-coated dogs were washed, rinsed, and towel dried. I didn't realize just how dirty they were until I couldn't stop petting them because their coats gleamed and felt soft and clean. Now bath time doesn't have to be torture for me or my dogs.

Excellent Products!

I groom our Biewers at home. Recently our one year old boy started showing signs of severe allergies so we started looking for a new product to use on him. My husband researched and we ended up throwing out a bundle of grooming supplies because they each had something in them that could cause cancer or some other disease. (Even the so called organic ones.) Our babies are each under 5 pounds and get a bath at least twice a month and we felt it was too much exposure to the harsh chemicals.

We purchased 4Legger two weeks ago and started using it on our allergy baby right away. Today he is already getting his coat back and we are not using any oral medications. In the photo is Faith and all of our babies have thick long coats. I’m amazed that after using Revitalize shampoo and Restore conditioning rinse that her coat dried so soft without any tangles. When I rinsed them before drying it feels like it might be hard to brush through, but it’s not at all.

This is the best shampoo I have ever used on them. Their hair is super soft, it was easy to dry them without tangles and I know I am not drowning them in chemicals every week. Thank you everyone at 4Legger for making products that make me feel safe. Oh and the foamer bottle is amazing.

Beautiful Aroma

I LOVE this, and the other Deodorizing Sprays from 4-Legger! I use them on our dogs, furniture, as an air freshener. I even use it as a clothing refresher, and body spray (on myself)!

Cooling Dog Shampoo is remarkable

I have been using this shampoo for my 12-yr old Border Terrier for several months, and I love the fragrance and its cleaning properties. I especially like the fact that after her bath, Micki has fewer tendencies to rub her face on the carpeting as she has always done with other canine shampoos. This is a first-rate shampoo in my opinion !!

4 legger shampoo

My friend had a rescue dog that she cared for til a home could be found The day finally arrived for lily to go to her new home Debbie came down with lily to use my tub She brought 2 shampoos 1 of which was 4 legger Lemongrass and aloe Lily had of a brown collar.. as we washed lily with nearly any shampoo the sudzing of this shampoo was wonderful You could feel how squeaky clean lily was. Then we set our sights on the collar She first used the other shampoo. The nasty brown collar was just that nasty brown. I said try the 4 legger Again nearly any shampoo ant the collar was pink. Seriously the brown collar turned pink

Great product

My dog liked the smell and seemed to like the taste! I like knowing it is a safe product

Best shampoo

After having tried many versions of “safe, organic” shampoos, I have found 4-Legger shampoos to be the safest, most effective shampoos on the market producing a well moisturized, long lasting, clean coat. I have found that sticking with the 4-Legger family of shampoos is the best overall. Once the shampoos remove the residue of other shampoos, it’s easy to use. Remember these shampoos are concentrated and to get a good lather, use lots of water!! They have the added benefits of having Animaleo essential oils in it as well. The only EO’s I will use on my dogs❤️

Great product

My dog cannot have any coconut or oils so thank you for this simple clean toothpowder. Even my vet was impressed. Will be back for more! Thank you again for this great chemical free product

So nice for my frequently muddy labs!

I love this as my labs( especially one of them) ha almost a daily habit of rolling in smelly things she finds on the farm. This has been wonderful and I keep a farmer filled with this outside near my hose! Thank you!!

Sore paw pads!

It’s has been so hot this summer my little poodle burned his paws on concrete.
Still being careful when he goes out to do his business. Two applications I can already see improvement! He likes for me to apply the balm to paws. Great product! Thank you

Recycle and conditioner

The shampoo is good.
The conditioner is so very watery and the sprayer is not a broadcast style, but very targeted. Makes it hard to get the dog covered.
Recyclable: my order arrived in a plastic mailer, bubble wrap and plastic bottle. None of which is recyclable in my state. I would ask for mailing to be changed to a small box, wrapped with brown paper or newsprint and in glass bottles- all of which are recyclable in my state. I would pay more for glass bottles.

Best spray bottle around!

Love this little spray bottle, with the locking feature so no accidental sprays! love that it's glass too - able to clean and reuse so much better than plastic!

Awesome Conditioner

I've tried just about every product by 4-legger, and their Apple Cidar Vinegar Conditioning rinse is my top 3 go to from their line. My Scotchy boy is a 13 year old Cockapoo with skin that is prone to infection. When I started using this rinse I noticed a significant decrease of itchiness he was experiencing. This product works like a charm and its organic, safe, and smells quite nice! Also, it leaves his coat feeling clean and doesnt leave behind that film like texture after using a doggy conditioner.

I really like that the rinse also comes with a convenient spray attachment with a locking feature to keep your sprayer secure. Another bonus is it now comes in a larger size bottle!

I love what you guys do and stand for - thank you for such wonderful products!


My two yellow labs swim daily in a pond that is clay loaded and especially now is mucky so they get a rinse of outside when we finish -- I use the foam pump and speed a little thru out their fur, wait a bit and rinse off. They smell better, fur is softer and less itching from one of my labs I thank Dr. Melissa Sheldon DVM of MN for turning me onto you all!!!

Love that this powder is safe!

I've been using with animaleo's Dog Breath Lite while I brush and it seems to be helping! Love this as well as the shampoo! Thank you for giving us safe options!

MOISTURIZE - Certified Organic Hemp Dog Shampoo with Lemongrass

This is a fantastic shampoo that works great to moisturize the skin. The lemongrass is pleasant smelling and my dogs seem to do well with this safe, high quality product.

My dog likes it!

My service dog appears to like it. In other words, she does not fight it when I am brushing her teeth. I like that it is all organic and no synthetic compounds in its ingredient list.

RESTORE -Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioning Rinse

Product works and smells great. I’ve used it on both of my dogs as a preconditioner prior to shampooing to cleanse the coat and skin.